A Dream for Paola

Me and my wife have followed bethesda games since the original elderscrolls the title that got my wife hooked was Daggerfall.For the last 18 years she has fought an illness which has slowly taken away much of what we take for granted and last year things got worse, Matt Grandstaff and the team at Bethesda heard about how things were going and that we were trying to raise funds to allow Paola to experience places and see more than these four walls.

They sent us and it just arrived

1) A custom Skyrim Xbox One S console signed by Todd Howard
2) A copy of Skyrim Special Edition signed by Todd Howard

It totally blew us away, not only what they were sending but a lot of companies would have capitalised on this, would have used it to gain brownie points with the media, the only reason it is going public is while we would love to keep such a unique and amazing gift, if we auction it on Ebay then to use a term we all know the money can go towards Modding Paola's real life.

here is the link to the ebay auction.


dream, for the last 18 years we have fought this illness, every day no holiday, and as it got worse we looked into what was possible for Paola, what she wanted to do with the time she had left, so a plan was born, fund raise £20,000 buy a river cruiser and take let Paola spend whatever time she has left painting drawing and taking pictures of places she could never normally visit but Jason you ask is that safe for her, Paola is in pain and suffering all the time, whether she is sitting in bed, downstairs or in her wheelchair, the big difference will be her view, a small river cruiser has heating, windows, seats and a bed and we can take extended holidays, her medication does not need special storage.

It is Paola's wish that any money above and beyond what is needed, from this or any donations will be split between the three charities Paola loves the most.
Animal lifeline UK
Vet Ranch
Wildlife SOS
The full story and medical updates are on the gofundme page I setup.