Paola’s artwork and photos

On this page you will find links to Paola’s photos art and the book I wrote.

Why am I doing this, why sell prints of her art and photography?

Paola spent half her life fighting an illness most of us will hopefully never experience, at 21 she was told by Doctors that you are going to die, either the cancer will kill you or the treatment, Paola just replied “okay what now?” and for the next 21 years she fought and I was honoured to fight by her side.

She was a gamer, a geek and a nerd before it became fashionable, a crafter and artist.

When you look at her artwork, when you see the pictures she took while in her wheelchair and the pictures I took of her remember that for 21 years she existed on 2-3 hours of sleep a night always in pain, had progressive arthritis, renal failure, diabetes and damage to her body, feet, hands and skin but she still managed to smile, to help others and to create art for the 15 minutes a day she could.

When you see her art, her genuine smile in the pictures remember this picture Click here it was taken during that time as her body began to fall apart. Warning! do not click this link if you are squeamish.

Paola was a hero, she fought an illness she could never beat at best each day was a holding action, she was and is an inspiration about what really matters in life and never giving up.

Why am I doing this?

Prints and Photos for sale.

The Novella is available on Amazon just search for Paola A Warrior’s Soul.